12react Basketball drills

A-Z challenge

A-Z 12React challenge

Scroll down and choose from a large variety of drill clips

  1. Download 12REACT App from GooglePlay

  2. Choose 4-6 drills from the drills listed on this page

  3. Enter the drill letters in the app under: DRILLS

  4. For example: C D E F G H

  5. Enter the number turnover time under: TIME

  6. Recommended: MIN 4 / MAX 8

  7. Enter your working time and rest time under: SETS

  8. Recommended: WORK 50 / BREAK 10

  9. Click SAVE and save the SET as: CDEFGH

  10. Click on the set you created to highlight it in yellow

  11. Click STRAT

  12. Start responding to the letters on the

Bros the pics to learn how to set the 12REACT APP

We recommend starting with 4 letters in the first step and slowly adding up to 8 letters

Basic drills choose from A-K
(2-4 drills)

Advance drills choose from L-T
(4-6 drills)

Pro drills choose from U-Z
(4-6 drills)

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