How to Add a preset?

  1. Go to Presets
  2. Tap on Add Preset
    Under DRILLS you can add any number, letter or symbol that appears on your keyboard to this preset’s drills.
    Under TIME you can set the rate at which the drills you’ve chosen will swap.
    Under SETS you can set the length of each set and the length of the break after each set.
  3. Press Save, and give a name for this preset
  4. You will now be able to find your preset on the Presets screen. You can select it by tapping on the preset, edit it by touching and holding the preset, or delete it by tapping the trash icon to the right of the preset
  5. Press Start and practice!

After 3 seconds, the drills you’ve set will appear on the screen and swap randomly based on the time settings you’ve set. Between each set you will get some time to rest based on the break time you’ve set



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