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We believe you should have the opportunity to shape your own future, beginning with a lean body that gives you the confidence to live boldly and without constraint. But we don’t believe in fad diets, intimidating workout routines and pills that promise perfection, because they simply don’t work for most people.

That’s why we developed WinFit, to help you lose fat and shape your body on your terms.

No Dieting, No Extreme Exercise and No Pills

Work out more and eat less? That’s what we’ve been told for years and where has it gotten us? While reducing calories and exercising 60 minutes a day will help you lose weight at first, this isn’t a sustainable way to improve the shape of your body.

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Why Diets Don’t Work

Reducing calories also breaks down your hard-earned muscle, which needs fuel (calories) to survive. The more muscle you lose, the slower your metabolism and the harder it is to lose fat. So, reducing calories from food (dieting) will not help you lose fat. Instead, you’ll feel hungry, less energetic and simply fail with this approach.

No More Calorie Counting

With WinFit, there are no restrictions on the amount of healthy food you eat. In fact, you may end up eating more, while losing more body fat than you ever thought possible. And it’s important to point out that WinFit is not a weight-loss system. For example, you may lose weight in inches around your belly, but gain weight in inches (muscle) around your biceps. The goal is to reduce fat and gain muscle in all the right areas, and that’s precisely what WinFit is proven to do.

What About Those Extreme Workouts?

We’ve all seen the one-hour, punishing programs that promise “beach ready” condition in only 90 days. While these results sound great, most of us lead busy lives with no room for strenuous workouts, seven days a week. And these programs are so physically demanding, most people fail after 30 days or never start in the first place.

So how can you find time to shape the body you want? With WinFit, you can see meaningful results, exercising a minimum of two days a week, just 10 minutes each day. Problem solved.

Fat Burners and Diet Pills

From the latest diet pills to Amazonian miracle herbs, these “flavor of the month” fads are as trendy as they are ineffective. We’ve all heard the empty promises of burning the fat right off your body, but the facts tell a different story. If losing weight and keeping it off were that easy, obesity wouldn’t be an increasing global problem.

The Data Says It All.

A staggering 69 percent of the U.S. population is overweight or obese1 (over 59 percent in the EU2). This problem is also on the rise in Asia, particularly in Malaysia, where obesity rates are now over 50 percent.3 Simply put, it’s time for something completely different.

Not Like Anything Else.

WinFit is a bold new fat-loss and body-shaping system that enables your body to perform at the highest possible level. It combines our patented technology with proven science and sensible nutrition, for results virtually anyone can achieve.

It all begins with the WinFit patch, which helps you lose fat and build muscle. When you build muscle, you increase your metabolism, and the higher your metabolism, the higher your demand for calories (fuel) from food. So when you meet this demand with a steady amount of healthy food and follow WinFit’s carefully timed components, a calorie deficit occurs and your body loses fat.

The WinFit System Works Together to Help Shape Your Body

The WinFit Patch

The WinFit Patch

As described above, this patented patch promotes a reduction in fat.

The Y-Age Carnosine Patch

The Y-Age Carnosine Patch

Improves strength and flexibility, and increases endurance. This leads to better athletic performance and better overall results.

Exercise Window

Exercise Window (HIIT/Tabata Training and Isometric Training)

Helps you lose fat and build a stronger body, exercising a minimum of two days a week, just 10 minutes each day.

Eight-Hour Eating Window

Eight-Hour Eating Window

Keeps your body in a steady fat-burning state and maximizes muscle growth, while eating all of the healthy food you want. Say goodbye to calorie counting for good!

Theta Nutrition

Theta Nutrition

Theta One contains L-arginine, which is known to improve growth hormone response.4 And research shows that human growth hormone helps build lean muscle and metabolize fat. Theta Activate increases the amount of Theta One’s nutrients that enter the cells, while speeding up the cells’ metabolism for rapid results.

In the world of fitness, LifeWave is now the first to combine patented technology, proven science, and a commonsense approach to nutrition. And perhaps most important of all, specific sequence and timing are crucial to your results. In short, each step is essential and each component contributes to your success. Please see the Usage Tab for more details on these essential steps.winfit pier runner

Simple Steps. Real Results.

WinFit delivers a completely new approach to fat loss and body shaping that emphasizes six carefully timed components, including nutrition and exercise. Please refer to the WinFit System Guide (available with purchase) for detailed instructions on using these components.

For best results, follow the specific sequence below:

    Start by drinking water first thing in the morning. Research shows that consuming 17 ounces (500ml) can increase metabolism by 30 percent.1
    Study shows a little exercise goes a long way. Exercise a minimum of two days a week, for 10 minutes each day (one day of HIIT/ Tabata training and one day of isometric training). To boost your results, double the amount of exercise (two days of HIIT/ Tabata training and two days of isometric training per week).
    For daytime use, it promotes a reduction in body fat, which helps improve metabolism and build new muscle. Wear it throughout the day, and remove it in the evening before applying the Y-Age Carnosine patch.
    You are when you eat. Just stay within an eight-hour daily window to keep your body in a fat-burning state, while maximizing muscle growth. This also keeps your body in a steady state of anabolic metabolism, as well as giving the liver and kidneys a chance to rest, detox and recover.
    Award-winning formulas for nighttime use, which work together to help build lean muscle and metabolize fat. About 30 minutes before going to sleep at night, mix two sticks of Theta One and two droppers of Theta Activate into 16 ounces (473ml) of water and drink.
    For nighttime use, it improves strength and flexibility, and increases endurance. Wear it throughout the night and remove it in the morning before applying the WinFit patch.


Is WinFit safe to use?

WinFit is safe for anyone who doesn’t have a health condition. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, please consult your health professional before using this system. Before starting any new fitness routine, discuss it with your health professional to make sure it is right for you.

Has WinFit been independently tested?

Yes. WinFit was independently tested in a 60-day study.

Can anyone use WinFit?

Anyone over the age of 18 can use WinFit. Before starting any new fitness routine, discuss it with your health professional to make sure it is right for you.

Can you combine the WinFit patch with other LifeWave patches?

You may wear the WinFit patch with other LifeWave patches in the following four combinations:

  1. WinFit, Energy Enhancer and Y-Age Glutathione
  2. WinFit, Energy Enhancer and Y-Age Aeon
  3. WinFit, IceWave and Y-Age Glutathione
  4. WinFit, IceWave and Y-age Aeon

Download the Full WinFit Story

Read the story behind WinFit, as told by LifeWave Founder and CEO David Schmidt.

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1 National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.
2 World Health Organization, 2015
3 The Lancet: Global, regional, and national prevalence of overweight and obesity in children and adults
4 The Journal of Strength & Conditioning, bodybuilders: In a three-week study, results showed that growth hormone levels were increased after L-Arginine supplementation


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