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We have developed a special
12React – Reaction Workout Kit

Order your 12react Reaction Workout Kitלרכישת ערכה לאימון קוגניטיבי תגובתי
תצוגה מקדימה של התמונה
תצוגה מקדימה של התמונה

All in 1 Cognitive Reaction Workout

For Practicing your reaction skills, moves and reacting time.
For young players, pro Ball Players Martial arts, pro athletes, practitioners in all levels.

12React™ Reaction Workout Method 
Combined with our personal training kit
Enabling you to improve your daily workout
And make it much more effective, challenging and interesting!
Whether you are an athletes, children and adults.

BasketBall / Soccer / Tennis… player
Practice your crossovers, dribbling skills, passing and quick release shooting, Kicks ect…

Martial arts 
Practice your Practice your techniques, quickness and awareness

M.R. Movement Rehabilitation – This is one of the most significant components of the method. 
The ability of people who are involved in rehabilitation or who need rehabilitation of the curriculum while integrating cognitive work

Ordr your 12React Reacton Workout kit today

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So… Do you Want to react?  
Just 12React!
The best U can B


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