12React Reaction Workout Kit, for Athletes and Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Players Martial Arts, Professionals and Amateurs, People with Disabilities and Anyone who Wants to Improve Their Workout.

The best U can B – 12React – Cognitive Reaction Workout kit

Improve your reaction skills and Agility

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It’s not how much you practice But how well you do it. 

Do you want to ReAct? Just 12ReAct!

Download the App and order our kit Improve your reaction skills.

What is the purpose of the Reaction Cognitive Workout Kit? 

The purpose of the kit with the 12React App is to improve personal and team training in the various sports.

As well as improving work with people with disabilities and movement rehabilitation 

Who is the kit for?

The kit was created for Basketball players to teach and train them to lift their heads and respond quickly (heads-up) But very quickly it entered all sports such as football, martial arts and in fact every sport that required fast reaction and Agility.

In addition, it turned out to be excellent for working with people with disabilities. Assessment challenges them and creates more meaningful training.

What Do You Get?

12react kit



Workout & Agility