Reaction Workout

Coach & Train like a pro
Without having to rely on expensive training systems

Whether you’re trainer, or a coaches pro or amateur athletes therapists or just people who want to improve your motoric cognitive abilities.

Reaction workout drills are a challenging way to have practice your fundamentals abilities while also enhancing cognitive processing.

Cognitive processing drills include visual cues set that allows you to practice your speed of reaction that is so important in various sports as well as in our daily life.

When a you sees a signal, you will respond to the task associated with the signal. Therefore, one takes in a sensory input and produces a physical output.

Our 12REACT C.R.M method combined with a dedicated app and companion kit allows you to upgrade your workout at low costs so you can train like the professional but low-cost athletes, anytime, anywhere without having to rely on a coach or expensive training systems

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